Animatronic Chinese Lantern Show


2018/09/22  207

The Birmingham Botanical Gardens will be open from the 23rd November to 1st January, where visitors will get a chance to see the grounds like they never have before.This year’s Christmas themed Lantern Festival will illuminate the gardens turning it into a spectacular fusion of dual culture, vibrant colours and artistic sculptures. Prepare to enter a magical experience and discover life-sized and large-than-life lanterns in all shapes and forms.


The Magic Lantern Festival is a spectacular fusion of art, heritage and culture, visitors will enter Christmas at Birmingham Botanical Gardens through a giant 12-metre wide lantern entrance, before following a stunning trail around the gardens. From Santa and his reindeer’s to flowers and animals, these giant lanterns will light up the beautiful ponds, woodland, gardens and pathways of the Birmingham attraction.


These unique, artistic and beautifully constructed installations are being designed and made in China, and brought over to Birmingham especially for the event. Joining Santa and his reindeer will be a beautiful 12-metre wide lantern scene featuring penguins, snowmen, Christmas trees and baubles. There will also be a giant Christmas fairy themed area, spanning an impressive 500 metres across the garden landscape, with a floating fairy surrounded by beautiful butterflies and a garden floor awash with thousands of brightly lit tiny lights.Celebrating over 2,000 years of lantern festivals.

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